Collecting keys on completion day

Where & When Do You Collect Keys on Completion Day?

What this article covers

  • Who you collect the keys from on completion day
  • When you can collect the keys

The moment you have been waiting for is almost here. Completion day can be nerve-wracking for many buyers and sellers, especially if many weeks or months have passed since the offer was first accepted. Here is everything buyers will need to know about collecting the keys.

Where do you collect the keys?

Most buyers will collect the keys from the real estate agent who has been involved with the property transaction. The estate agent will release the keys once they receive a confirmation from the solicitors that the balance has been fully paid off. You will most likely need to make a visit to the estate agent’s office to collect the keys.

While uncommon, there are also cases when you may collect the keys straight from the seller. This could, for example, happen if the seller leaves their move to the very last minute. It may also happen if the seller used an online estate agent such as Strike.

What time can you collect the keys?

This will depend on a number of factors such as the length of the property chain. Cash buyers involved in a ‘no chain’ sale may be able to collect keys as early as 10 to 11 AM. On the other hand, buyers near the end of a long property chain may need to wait until mid-late afternoon (3 – 4 PM) before they can collect their keys. If you are involved in a property chain or a transaction with a mortgage, we recommend having some flexibility with when you schedule the move. You might end up having to wait around if you schedule the move too early.

We would also recommend getting ready to change the locks once you have collected the keys. There is no guarantee that you have received all sets of keys from the seller. Book a locksmith ahead of time or try changing the locks yourself. It is more simple than most people realise.

Published on | Last updated on 12/03/2023

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